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September 2017
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Truckfighters + Fudo Myo

Truckfighters - VTruckfighters are back with the sizzling new album V. Yup, you guessed it, it’s their fifth album and it’s pretty great. If you are interested in groovy, stoner-influenced, progressive and melodic hard rock you probably know about Truckfighters already. “The best band that ever existed” as Josh Homme said in the 2011 “fuzzomentary”Truckfighters. You might also know the story about how Niklas ‘ Dango‘ Källgren teamed up with bassist and vocalist Oskar ‘ Ozo’ Cedermalm in a worn down rehearsal space in Örebro, Sweden in 2001 and how the first song they ever recorded, Desert Cruiser, since then has gone on to become a desert rock anthem. You probably also know that the band itself has gone on to release four full length albums and played sold out shows on four continents.

The band’ s upcoming fifth album, V, is released September 30th under exclusive license to the established label Century Media. “Century Media have been very cool with us. We’ ve been able to keep that do it yourself-philosophy of ours, to focus solely on our creative process and producing the album”, says Ozo. V continues the Truckfighters tradition of blending big riffs, dynamism and intricate songwriting. “The album won’ t come as a huge surprise for those who’ ve heard our earlier work - but at the same time it feels like a leap forward. We’ ve been able to create some of our best songs so far. For us this is definitely the album of the year”, says Dango and laughs.

If you know your Truckfighters you know their history with drummers. It’ s been a few. “We use to say that Truckfighters has a ‘ very Spinal Tap relationship’ to drummers,” says Dango, “but we are really happy with the contributions of Daniel ‘ El Danno’ Israelsson on V”. “Also, it’ s pretty cool that we got our friend, drummer extraordinaire Peter Damin – known from the Paradise Lost album Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us –to play the drums on the track The 1.


Niklas ‘ Dango’ Källgren
Oskar ‘ Ozo’ Cedermalm
Daniel ‘ El Danno’ Israelsson

Discography (full length albums)2005: Gravity X (Fuzzorama/Meterocity US/UK) 2007: Phi (Fuzzorama) 2009: Mania (Fuzzorama 2014: Universe (Fuzzorama/Sony Scandinavia) 2016: V (Century Media/Fuzzorama

Support: Fudo Myo!

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